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Ustalav Overview
- Ravengro
Map with Legend

Ravengro is a small pleasant (and perhaps even boring) farming town. The healthy farming community is blessed with fertile fields and orchards. The town’s chief products are wheat, barley, and corn. The town is relatively close to the shore of Lake Lias (“The Great Blue Dot”) but is not known for any fishing industry.

Though you have never visited it, its long been the home of your friend Professor Lorrimor, and his daughter, Kendra.

Pevrin, son of Zokar, tells you that the ruins near the town are an old jail where many townsfolk have relatives who died there, and that its against the rules of the towns to visit it. He scoffs at the local tradition that its haunted and puts it down to respect for the place as well as to keep people safe from the decaying structure injuring anyone. He does say that there are occassional dares to touch its walls among the local children and that a statue about the prison can be found outside the main town area, down by the river… where the older kids spend ‘quality’ time with each other.

A more full description is available… thanks to your tour with Pervin is listed on the Map with Legend page


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