Research and Rumours

Note: Knowledge Rolls will only reveal generic information for some topics – in these cases, research will be required for deeper knowledge. Assuming there is access to a library or documents containing the information sought, research takes 6-8 hours and allows for either a roll or ‘Take 10’. Consecutive research can be done with each additional day providing an ‘Aid Another’ check to the original roll. Players can attempt separate research rolls or can work to ‘Aid Another’. In both cases, the ‘Aid Another’ action bonuses are cumulative. Generally one check can be made per character per day but characters may choose to bury themselves in their research, with the second attempt being at a -2 penalty

The Haunting of Harrowstone

Ustalav Overview
- Canterwall
- Ravengro
Ramblings of Father Grimburrow on the fall of the prison and history of the region

Mourners at the Funeral

The Whispering Way

Professor Lorrimors Missing Body

Rumours of Ravengro

Dream of despair

The Prisoners of Harrowstone
- Father Charlatan
- The Lopper
- The Mosswater Maurader
- The Piper of Illmarsh
- The Splatterman

The Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye

Skipping Song as sung by the children of Ravengro.

Research and Rumours

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