Adivion Adrissant

An old friend of the Professor and fellow mourner


Understatedly wealthy of dress and polished of manners, he attends the funeral with a quiet dignity. He seems very familiar with Kendra Lorrimor.

He gives the following speech as part of the graveside sharing of stories of Professor during the funeral.

Petros was a great fish in the intellectual ponds he swum in and it is saddening to me to see him laid low here today. I shall miss him and his passionate dialectic, his delightfully idealistic mindset that was unburdened by the nuances imposed by this all too cruel world. I shall miss our, sadly, all too rare discourses. He was in many ways he was a ‘Father’ to me and ‘Teacher’ also, until our relationship outgrew that definition to take on other meanings, he pauses to look at Kendra fondly again.

And as his ‘son’, I feel comfortable in saying that he’d never abide by us all standing here in the rain.

I’ll catch my death of cold at this rate, he adds in a wickedly accurate caricature of the late Professor that raises a few chuckles.

Friends, lets repair to Petr… I mean to say Kendra’s home, and raise a glass in his honour."


Adivion Adrissant

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