Zokar Elkarid

The jolly Tavern Keeper of the Laughing Demon Inn


His menu consists of strangely named food such as ‘Wolf Balls’, ‘Vampire Steaks’ and ‘Corpse Chowder’. He does however make a pretty good pale ale called ‘Liquid Ghosts’… though it does glow a faint green!

He’s a friend to the Lorrimor family, having attended the funeral, and has been a friend to the newcomers visiting Ravengro to attend Petros Lorrimors funeral. It was he that proposed you be the judges of an upcoming Cooking competition in order to raise your standing in the town given that the town is unwelcoming of outsiders.

His son, Pervin, works at the tavern as well.

He didn’t participate in the town festival, spending the time instead in cleaning the tavern.

He seems slightly resentful but resigned to his sons’ perchant for going out of the tavern to earn money.


Zokar Elkarid

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