Luminita Agon-Savar

A 'monster' turned monster hunter


Luminita (Little Light) is a half breed foundling raised by the Church. Her earliest memories are of a foundling home and church services. Her childhood was not a happy one, facing prejudice and unreasoning fear from the other children. After a few years she gradually gained some measure of acceptance and even made friends.

She never knew why but as an older girl she was roused from bed at nights to be told stories of the undead or made to memorise passages of scriptures. The crowning mystery was when she was taken from the Foundling home and put through the painful experience of being given elaborate tattoos across much of her body. Not long after the tattoos healed she was moved to The largest city in Amaans and a holy city for Pharasmins – Kavapesta, a somber place possessed by a dour variety of religious fanaticism.
There she attended a small unusual seminary, and was given speciaised training – combat, tracking, stealth, as well as training in social strategies and information gathering as well as more conventional Pharasim education in religion and midwifery.
At what she guesses was around her 16 or 17th year she was given into the care of ‘Brother Wulf’, an inquisitor. She was able to travel in that capacity for some time and was introduced to Professor Lorrimor, a friend of Brother Wulf. A brilliant man, the Professor shared all manner of stories and knowledge, as well as specialised training requested by Brother Wulf. It was clear that Lorrimor had no prejudices against her mixed blood. He even taught her Orcish, and regaled her of some tales and legends of the Orcs and Goblins.
Her stay with Brother Wulf lasted well over a year but Luminita’s friendship continued beyond that – both Brother Wulf and Professor Lorrimor encouraged it.

Now an inquisitor in her own right she travels Ustalav as the Church directs.


Luminita Agon-Savar

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