Andrei Dezsőfi

Intellectual and student of fencing


Andrei is the final scion of an ancient Varisian Ustalav line, who were nobility in the County of Virholt… it was sadly also one of the first conquests of the reborn Whispering Tyrant in 3203 AR. The Dezsofi’s, however, turned collaborators and quickly fell in line with the monsterous ruler.

When Ustalav was liberated the Dezsofi’s were displaced but truth be told their lands had become blighted and diseased. The family took what wealth they could liberate and moved to Canterwall where they have resided for nearly 300 years, in ever declining circumstances.

Andrei spent much of his youth under the control of a dominating mother, who spent the last of the family wealth in pretentious living and on the social circuit. When funds had all but run out, she committed suicide.

He was lucky enough to have some personal funds left over and obtained a scholarship to the University of Lepidstadt. There he embraced the student traditions of the great institutions, including dueling.

He graduated and was without prospects until a letter from a previous mentor, Professor Petros Lorrimor, secured him a role as a lecturer while he pursed advanced studies. Currently his is a Research Assistant and Junior Lecturer in Ustalavic History (specific focus from the restoration of crown rule, 3834 AR, onwards),
Faculty of History, University of Lepistadt.

Lately his personal studies have taken a unique twist. He has been delving into the arcane and magical studies. He is on the verge of making a breakthrough.


Andrei Dezsőfi

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