A witch whose' curiosity may lead her astray


I don’t remember anything of my childhood, beyond having to find, hunt or scavange what I could to survive. No-one looked after me, or cared about me. I couldn’t talk; all I could do was grunt like an animal. My home was a hole in a tree in a forest, trying to survive.

Then one day, while scrounging for food, I found an injured fox cub, alone just like me. I shared what little food I had. I knew she was hurt, because she couldn’t walk properly. As we huddled in my tree-home, she gave me warmth, and I to her. One day as I woke up we just stared at one another, and after a while I reached out my hand and touched her leg, and it healed. We have stayed together ever since.

In one of the winters a man noticed me, found me in my tree home. At first I was really scared, but he kept coming back, with food, and a blanket. As he sat there, he would speak very little, but the few words he did say I picked up quite quickly. Words turned into stories, and although I didn’t realise it at the time, these stories were helping me to understand my connection to my fox, and what and who I am.

He would leave, and return, and tell me of his adventures: where he was, what he was doing.

One visit he asked me if I wanted to join him on his next adventure, and I said yes. This man taught me everything I know. I loved this man, but other people I’m still not sure of.



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